Revving Up the Race: Goldmine Farm to Market Shines at the 2024 FACGP!

Clark, Pampanga – February 24, 2024 – The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) Parade Grounds came alive with the thundering wheels and competitive spirit as cyclists from across the region gathered for the highly anticipated Fil-Am Criterium Grand Prix (FACGP). Among the standout participants were the formidable team from Goldmine Farm to Market, showcasing its expertise and commitment to excellence in both business and sport.



The event, which kicked off promptly at 7 a.m., witnessed an impressive display of athleticism and camaraderie. Cyclists from various backgrounds and skill levels converged to compete in this thrilling race, marking yet another successful chapter in the vibrant cycling community of the Philippines.

In the Manager’s Category A, Goldmine Farm to Market dominated the podium with Joey Villaflor clinching the first-place spot. Adding to the triumph, Austin Billan, representing Goldmine’s esteemed partner, Excellent Noodles, secured the third place in the same category, further solidifying the collaborative spirit shared between these two industry leaders. But the triumphs didn’t end there. In a stunning display of talent and resilience, Mark Viscarra, another representative of Goldmine Farm to Market, clinched the third-place spot in the fiercely competitive Manager’s Category B.


Not content to merely cheer from the sidelines, Goldmine’s CEO, Mr. Orlando Manuntag, actively participated in the event too, pedaling alongside fellow cyclists. His presence not only exemplified the company’s hands-on approach to leadership but also underscored its dedication to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among its workforce and the wider community. Goldmine Farm to Market also distributed complimentary packs of its renowned rice to the awardees, further enhancing the festive atmosphere and reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing quality food products to consumers.

As the sun set on a day filled with cheers of victory, Goldmine Farm to Market emerged not just as participants but as champions of the FACGP, embodying the spirit of perseverance, teamwork, and unwavering dedication. With its CEO leading by example, it’s clear that Goldmine Farm to Market is not just a business; it is a powerhouse of passion, innovation, and community spirit. Together, let’s pedal towards success, fueled by passion, dedication, and a shared commitment to making every endeavor a winning one!


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